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The tonal shifts leave you with a horror story that's earnestly sweet, a romantic comedy with a scene of shocking gore, and a directorial debut that makes Xander Robin someone to watch out for.
"The sensory detail of the film as whole is incredible. You can feel the wind, smell the exhaust, taste the cheap food... The world is richly, absurdly textured."
“Lopez invests Anya’s attitude-and-artifice exterior with something shy and raw and sad... like the inside-out Rapunzel she is. And Nicholson registers a low-key breakout for his rangy, rumpled riff on the lovestruck, questing Prince. He doesn’t write a single line but exudes the soulful, scuzzy romance of a beat poet.
“Are We Not Cats is short, bizarre and to the point... the singular aesthetic is gritty, beautiful and expressive, and somehow, you want to root for the love story of Eli and Anya, thanks to the charismatic performances of Nicholson and Lopez.
“The roots of romance are intimately and ickily probed in Xander Robin's debut feature Are We Not Cats, a distinctive New York indie that's promising and uncompromising in roughly equal measure
"Robin and cinematographer Matt Clegg balance on-the-fly naturalism with a heightened reality, infusing ordinary encounters with dry wit and absurdist verve"



2016 Venice Film Festival, Critics Week


2016 Oldenburg Film Festival, Germany

2016 /Slash Film Festival, Vienna Austria

2016, Sitges Film Festival, Catalonia Spain

2016, Chicago International Film Festival, Illinois

2016 New Orleans Film Festival, Louisiana

2016 Morbido Film Festival, Mexico City

2016 Indie Memphis Film Festival, Tennessee

2016 Cucalorus Film Festival, Wilmington, North Carolina

2016 Stockholm International Film Festival, Sweden

2017 Richmond Film Festival

2017 Miami Film Festival, Florida

2017 Sarasota Film Festival, Florida

2017 Imagine Film Festival, Netherlands

2017 Calgary Underground Film Festival, Canada

2017 American Essentials Film Festival, Australia

2017 Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Australia

2017 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, South Korea

2017 Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Birmingham Alabama

2017 Arizona Underground Film Festival

2017 Splat Film Festival, Poland

2017 Morbido Merida Film Festival


Best Narrative Feature - Imagine Film Festival 2017

Best Narrative Feature - Sidewalk Film Festival 2017

Jury Award - Arizona Underground Film Festival 2017

Special Jury Mention - Noves Visions Plus - Sitges Film FestivaL 2016

Jury & Audience Award for Best Poster Design - Indie Memphis 2016


February 23 - March 1st - Cinema Village, New York City

February 23 - March 1st - Laemmle Music Hall, Los Angeles

February 23 - March 1st - Roxie Theater, San Francisco

February 23 - March 1st - Screenland Tapcade, Kansas City

March 9th - 15th -  Mayfair Theatre, Ottowa, Canada
March 15, Somerville Theater, Boston

March 30 - April 4th - Arena Cinelounge, Los Angeles

May 16th - Crosstown Arts, Memphis 

May 24th - 25th - Cleveland Cinemateque, Cleveland Museum of Art